8 Surprising Facts About NASA's Artemis I Moon Mission

#1—The SLS system looks familiar—the system uses the same booster rockets and rust-orange external fuel tanks as on every Space Shuttle flight.

#2 - Fuel leak delays launch - After the delay, Artemis 1 leaves Earth. The leakage of the liquid hydrogen tank created a critical situation.

#3- Artemis 1 is unmanned - Every Apollo lunar mission had a crew, but Artemis 1 was unmanned.

#4 Commander Campos - Vehicle launched a dummy. Commander Campos, a 'moonkin' manikin, left Earth orbit aboard Orion.

#5 Passenger  is Alexa - a co-passenger of the munchkins. Alexa helps with the Artemis mission. Alexa will test Callisto, an AI program for astronauts.

#6 Snoopy is also leaving - Alexa will be accompanying Commander Campos. Snoopy is the biggest surprise of the mission. Peanuts maintains the NASA tradition.

#7 - Longest outbound flight - Apollo 13, which spawned one of the best space movies ever, was NASA's most distant manned flight.

#8 Artemis orbited the Moon for two weeks - the length of Artemis 1's mission is unpredictable. After landing on November 22, Orion orbited the Moon for two weeks.

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